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nDo Photoshop script v0.6.66 from Quixel to create normal maps in Photoshop

General / 08 April 2022

I got the kind permission of Teddy from Quixel to share their old nDo script for Photoshop to create normal maps from color maps or from b/w masks. 

The script seems to be eradicated from the internet for years, so perhaps it helps someone if it can be found here again.
Unfortunately I only have the version 0.6.66.

Since Adobe seems to phase out their 3D support and with it seemingly also their internal normalmap maker tool, and also since the Quixel suite is likely to be abandoned, the old nDo script comes in handy again when we want to create quick normalmaps right inside of photoshop, without having to mess with other software or online apps.

Download the script here

Then place the nDo folder right into the root of C:

Then open Photoshop and drag'n'drop the file


right into the actions window of PS.

When there is no Actions Tab, just open the Window menu and activate it.

Then just select the nDo script and press play, whilst having some kind of texture file open.

Then play around with all of its settings.
In order to create very deep normalmaps, you have to work with several layers that can be overlayed over another, each having a slightly higher radius.

For that author your first micro detail normal, then press duplicate, set it to overlay and adjust a higher radius and perhaps lower the depth a bit, then repeat the process until you are satisfied. Of course it helps to also take the other slider options into account, but that heavily depends on the source texture material.

Don't forget to flatten your normal and flip its green channel when exporting for Unreal (DX normal format)

Big THX to Teddy and all people who worked on this game changer back in the day!