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Simple Vertex Color Breakup By Noise Texture in Unreal Engine

Tutorial / 28 June 2022

To break up vertex color blending, you can add a noise map that you subtracted by 1 to a vertex color that you multiplied by 2.

In this example it is used for a material layer blend function.
But you can utilize it also in normal functions or directly in materials.

Use the output as an alpha to drive some kind of lerp or blend.

Unreal Niagara: Color every second particle in a Particle Emitter

Tutorial / 13 March 2022

I needed a system that changed the color every other (persistent) particle.

This is how it worked for me.

ok, since this small screenshot does seem to not explain all too well.

here some walkthrough:

- just go to "initialize particle"

- then press the right rollout in the color section and set it to "select linear color from array"

- then press the right rollout in the  "direct array index" and set it to "return particle ID attributes"

- Then set Array mode to Wrap 

- Set the Colors

- then be set
see the whole thing here

UE5 Tutorial: Battery powered flashlight, no tick only timeline | also includes pickups via interface

Tutorial / 15 January 2022

i made this tutorial since the timeline solution seemed to be an approach no one yet covered

Create a flickering light with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

Tutorial / 10 November 2020

A next tutorial will cover an interact system that incorporates flickering lights and a light switch that can be used by the player.

Unreal Engine simple water shader #2

Tutorial / 22 July 2020

I revisited the simple water shader and added a fade out for opacity and refraction. So it's slightly more expensive but especially for lake or river water this helps with the water intersecting the landscape.

Copy and paste the material here: 

How to wrap a helix around geometry in 3ds Max

Tutorial / 17 July 2020

Here is another oldie i made years ago.

It's about wrapping polies around other polies.

Could still be relevant i guess, so i post it here again.

3D widget materials in Unreal Engine

Tutorial / 17 July 2020

i made a small snippet explaining the 3D widget material.

it wasn't obvious to me how it worked once i had to change it, so i thought it might help to share my findings

When you want to change a 3D widget material of a 3d widget component in a blueprint, in order to make it e.g. look like a holographic material, you have to understand how the parameters in this material work.

This video covers the importance of the correct naming of those parameters. 

copy the custom widget material from this pastebin 

Find Min Max values from Component Bounds for "Make Box" in the blueprint editor

Tutorial / 24 June 2020

Useful vector math friends helped me with.
Usually this friend is Jan Kaluza :)  Check out his ressources 

Find Min Max values from Component Bounds for "Make Box" in the blueprint editor


Make the player slide on ice / low friction ground

Tutorial / 25 February 2020

this video tries to explain how to detect physical surface types of materials the player walks on and set some movement component settings accordingly to fake a slippy ground. i.e. make the player slide on ice or any other slippy surfaces.