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Place object XX cm infront of hit location

General / 15 December 2020

you see the blueprint of a projectile  that is some kind of portal and places itself in front of the hitlocation.

the "get dan character" is nothing else than the player character. So that the object also rotated itself towards the player

Wiring up Anisotropy in an Unreal Engine Shader

General / 11 December 2020

I did it wrong in my post. You should apply some simple math on the flowmap for it to work correctly.
Find this enlightening post from UNREAL GEMS to get the correct way on how to utilize flowmaps for anisotropy

[edit] The below approach is not completely correct. Follow the above Tutorial to get it right!

This is obviously for the case you do not want to map your object. so a triplanar mapping.
Ofc this is also possible with normal UV's 

you can find an anisotropy map here:

Recalculate polygon normals in the shader in Unreal Engine

General / 06 December 2020

if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to recalculate normals after displacing your mesh within the vertex shader. e.g. in conjunction with tesselation, there is a way to do this with the "normal from height" node

(I deactivated shadows on this object to show the effect more clearly)

it can be solved like this
note that you turn off tangent space normals in the main shader properties.

However the normals are then facetted

in order to get smoothed normals, you can use the "NormalFromHeight" node

the lower the normal offset, the higher you need to set the normal intensity.


Build Reflections with a Scene Capture Cube in Unreal Engine

General / 05 December 2020

in order to get sharp reflections on glass materials, you can use a scene capture cube.

just place a scene capture cube into the scene

create a render target image

and then setup this material

The texture sample holds the render target texture of course.

Monolithic Structure

General / 01 December 2020

For a school project i am currently working on a gigantic structure with my class. This post is constantly updated. whilst the lowest posts are the earlies WIP images and videos

this is the concept picture

H:\UnrealProjects\GD1019_Bunker\Screens\2020-12-02 21_10_14-GD1019BunkerProject - Unreal Editor.png

this is the project plan

this is a WIP for the scene

Fish swim vertex shader

General / 19 November 2020

Ages ago a friend, Jan Kaluza ( helped me with this small vertex shader problem.

So if you'd like to see how a fish swim movement can be projected onto a mesh then pls watch this gif.
the result goes to "world position offset"
Additionally you can copy paste the nodes into your material here

Create a flickering light with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

Tutorial / 10 November 2020

A next tutorial will cover an interact system that incorporates flickering lights and a light switch that can be used by the player.

Unreal Engine simple water shader #2

Tutorial / 22 July 2020

I revisited the simple water shader and added a fade out for opacity and refraction. So it's slightly more expensive but especially for lake or river water this helps with the water intersecting the landscape.

Copy and paste the material here: 

Detect physical materials with projectiles in Unreal Engine 4

General / 17 July 2020

a quick video how to have different impact sounds on different surface types.  #UE4 #unrealengine #gamedev also have a look at this alternative method to test for surface types  

also have a look at this alternative method to test for surface types  

How to wrap a helix around geometry in 3ds Max

Tutorial / 17 July 2020

Here is another oldie i made years ago.

It's about wrapping polies around other polies.

Could still be relevant i guess, so i post it here again.