Create a flickering light with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

Tutorial / 10 November 2020

A next tutorial will cover an interact system that incorporates flickering lights and a light switch that can be used by the player.

Unreal Engine simple water shader #2

Tutorial / 22 July 2020

I revisited the simple water shader and added a fade out for opacity and refraction. So it's slightly more expensive but especially for lake or river water this helps with the water intersecting the landscape.

Copy and paste the material here: 

Detect physical materials with projectiles in Unreal Engine 4

General / 17 July 2020

a quick video how to have different impact sounds on different surface types.  #UE4 #unrealengine #gamedev also have a look at this alternative method to test for surface types  

also have a look at this alternative method to test for surface types  

How to wrap a helix around geometry in 3ds Max

Tutorial / 17 July 2020

Here is another oldie i made years ago.

It's about wrapping polies around other polies.

Could still be relevant i guess, so i post it here again.

3D widget materials in Unreal Engine

Tutorial / 17 July 2020

i made a small snippet explaining the 3D widget material.

it wasn't obvious to me how it worked once i had to change it, so i thought it might help to share my findings

When you want to change a 3D widget material of a 3d widget component in a blueprint, in order to make it e.g. look like a holographic material, you have to understand how the parameters in this material work.

This video covers the importance of the correct naming of those parameters. 

copy the custom widget material from this pastebin 

Stroboscope Shader for Unreal 4

General / 24 June 2020

I made a stroboscope shader with the help of a friend, Michael Mendelson.
Perhaps you'll need something like this. then here it is:

simple recreation of holographic environment

General / 24 June 2020

From time to time i will repost some stuff from my old blog here, simply bcs i find it still useful for myself today.
This is one of those posts

a facebook user asked how to recreate this effect in unreal.

i tried to make a mockup with one texture and a material that is additive.

the parameters of the material are set partly randomized inside the construction script of the blue prints that hold the material on box primitives

This is the result

You can download the project here

Find Min Max values from Component Bounds for "Make Box" in the blueprint editor

Tutorial / 24 June 2020

Useful vector math friends helped me with.
Usually this friend is Jan Kaluza :)  Check out his ressources 

Find Min Max values from Component Bounds for "Make Box" in the blueprint editor


First Steps in Oculus Medium

Work In Progress / 16 June 2020

i made a first weapon concept in oculus medium.
the concept itself is meh but it is my first one and i have to learn a thing or two about industrial design.
but testing out shapes in oculus medium is ultra fast and much fun.
you can get lost for hours under your VR headset
i did not use the highest resolution tho.
some modeling actions are also very inaccurate in VR. 

Make the player slide on ice / low friction ground

Tutorial / 25 February 2020

this video tries to explain how to detect physical surface types of materials the player walks on and set some movement component settings accordingly to fake a slippy ground. i.e. make the player slide on ice or any other slippy surfaces.